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Inflatable Boat and Accessories - Customer Testimonials

Sea-Eagle 9.6 FT inflatable boat with custom steering console &watertight cushioned seat box. I use her for Striped Bass fishing in the Hackensack river in NJ. I keep her assembled on a trailer from spring to fall. This is an awesome inflatable boat for the money.

The incredible buoyancy, strength and durability of inflatables is represented here with this Sea Eagle inflatable boat carrying a prize moose.

Courtney Burns and her brother Todd enjoy floating the mountain streams of Virginia in their SE-9.

"Sea Eagle 340 packed and ready to float 185 miles of river through the Wrangle/St. Elias National Park in Alaska."

Jim Wells

"Kayaking Adventure at Cape Hateras, NC. June 30, 01."

Luis Schwarz

"'m writing to give you some feedback on the SE 330 I bought last summer. My wife and my nine year old daughter Samantha and I went on vacation last August to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota. I knew there wouldn't be enough room in my 16ft canoe for three people plus a weeks worth of camping gear and food, so I decided to try your SE 330 to use as a tow-behind. I mounted the optional tracking fin on the boat to keep it in tow in case of strong winds. It performed beyond my expectations. We kept our gear in the inflatable on the larger lakes. On the smaller ones, our daughter would paddle behind. When in camp, I'd go exploring solo in the Sea Eagle just for the fun of it. I must say, I'm very impressed with your product. I look forward to many years of use from my 330.Thanks for building such a fine small craft."

Sincerely, Mark Brunner,
Middleton Wisconsin

"I purchased a 14SR boat last year and would like to thank you for a great product and excellent customer service to back up your products. I routinely use my boat to fly fish the Delaware river, Raritan, Sandy Hook and Barnegat bays as well as the near shore Atlantic Ocean fishing. It is a very stable and comfortable fly fishing platform that can go just about anywhere. I highly recommend your boats."

Gary Basko, Jackson, NJ

"My experience with my Sea Eagle 8 has been great. When I bought it, 6 years ago, I lived in a 4th floor apartment overlooking the Niagara River and Lake Erie, and I just wanted something to poke around in, without the hassle of storage, dockage, maintenance, etc. It carries a passenger well, although two weeks ago I went out alone in 4 foot rollers and 30 mph wind, and I was amazed at how well it handled. I'm a pretty good oarsman, no athlete (57 y.o.) and of course I got soaked, but it was great fun and the boat was remarkably stable and controllable.

The best part is, it stows in the back of my hatchback where it stays all summer, it takes about 15 minutes to inflate, if that, and I can put it in almost anywhere I can find a little wading room. I can even inflate it, say, 50 yards away from the water and carry it, inflated, (I wear it upside-down on my head, like a huge hat!) down to the water and throw it in. I got a puncture last year, from dragging it over stones, I think, and it sealed up just fine with a $5 patch kit. I'd say, if you're into impressing people, or some serious boating, it's not for you, but as a leisure craft with plenty of room for fishing gear, sandwiches and a girl friend (not two), it's great. I also often carry a bike on my car, lock the bike, say, 5 miles downriver, drive back upriver, park the car, unload the boat, and drift the 5 miles back down to the bike, haul the boat out, stash it somewhere ( use the bike lock to lock the deflated boat to a tree) and bike back to my car, then drive back down and pick up the boat. I've explored local streams almost as well as with a canoe (you need a bit more stream-width because of the oars) as it only needs about 6 inches of water to float, and you can even easily push-row, facing forward. I paid about $300, plus floorboards, plus motor and transom rig, but now I'd just buy the boat, oars and pump, and decide later if I wanted to get a motor. Fun boat!"

- Peter Hassett, Buffallo, NY

"For the record, I highly recommend Sea Eagle as a company that stands behind their products."

John Askin, Staten Island, NY


Here's what some of our many satisfied customers tell us about our inflatable boat products.
"All is a very Informative website. I use it regularly to research products and learn about inflatable boating." "This site has a diverse selection of innovative products for inflatable boating enthusiasts! I got my products delivered in only 4 days, and they are of very high quality."

"We got the products this afternoon.  Excellent job by the Post Office considering the 3 day weekend. I am very happy with the products and the service.  You won't be getting them back!"

"After extensive research at inflatable boat shops and the Internet, I believe I have found the "Best Launch Wheels" on the market. I have read reviews of other launch wheels and the stories of how the wheels and struts break or buckle and how they just don't seem to fit or do not raise or lower as touted by the manufacturer."

"These roll so easily that I can lift the bow of the boat with one finger and move it around, and with the model #2100 quick release, they flip up and down without any problem and plenty of clearance, so much clearance I can leave the motor in the full down position with about five inches to spare from the ground. As far as mounting, a few careful measurements and I was in business. Thanks again for all your assistance in model selection, speedy delivery and quick response." Keith O



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